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Control costs through deep visibility

HealthCloud provides deep visibility into the cost for each procedure.

  • Track direct costs for each procedure:
      • Doctors shares
      • Medicines and Supplies
      • Labs and Radiology
      • Asset utilization
  • Allocate indirect costs such as Medical and Nursing staff, stay charges and food services
  • Real time trends analysis to identify unusually high costs

Increase your revenue through panels

  • Streamline the process from initial approval to filing claim to receiving payment
  • Ensure accurate, dispute-free claims through automated rules:
      • Department-wise discounting rules for each payer which are automatically applied
      • Patient payable is calculated based on rules
  • Track the value of your relationship with each payer:
      • By Revenue
      • By Margin
      • By Receivable

Reach out to patients

  • Identify and reach out to new and existing patients, who can benefit from services and/or discounts offered
  • Run campaigns for targeted clinics (Hepatitis Screening Clinic, Diabetes Clinics, etc.)
  • Follow up with patients to ensure patient satisfaction
  • Track each touch point and interaction with patients

Manage Consultant relationships

  • Track revenue from all services provided or referred by Consultants
  • Apply automated rules for accurate calculation of Consultant shares
  • Analyze revenue and margin generated from each Consultant (both inpatient and outpatient)
  • Use rich analytics to offer the financially appropriate benefits to each Consultant

Track Regulatory Compliance

  • HealthCloud maintains clinical, administrative and financial documentation related to patient admissions to support regulatory compliance related to storage and retention of health records
  • Reporting and metrics to fulfill compliance requirements for hospitals including:
      • Bed occupancy data for each specialty
      • Average Length of Stay by Specialty, diagnosis and procedure
      • Volume of major / minor procedures performed by specialty
      • Tracking of non-profit patients