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See how HealthCloud can transform your Hospital or Clinic

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Extensive Analytics

  • Comprehensive analytic dashboards for all modules
  • Interactive KPIs which can be filtered to zoom into operational details
  • All analytic content is automatically generated and refreshed
  • 30+ operational reports
  • Reporting Universe allows you to build your own custom reports

Design Excellence

  • Human Centered Design based on the Google Material Design language
  • Focus on efficiency in clinical usage and beauty
  • Design consistency makes HealthCloud easy to learn

Workflow and Rules

  • Configurable workflows to manage operations (for example, payment before consultation or consultation before payment)
  • Electronic approvals for reports, discounts, orders, cancellations
  • Automated Rules for billing and discounting including support for insurance and panels
  • Workflows and processes can be different for each Department

Flexible Implementation

  • On Microsoft Azure Cloud:
      • All hardware and required software is included
      • Scale on demand: Increase system capacity as needed, when needed
      • Data is secure and backed up by Microsoft
      • Continuous application health monitoring by Vicenna
  • On Premise:
      • Deploy on your own hardware and in your own premises