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Accurate and prompt Billing

HealthCloud maintains up to date billing  information at all times and minimizes the time to produce an accurate patient bill:

  • Maintain single view of services and charges for a patient across all departments
  • Track delivery of services and control when each charge is posted to the bill
  • Control modifications and cancellation of charges through approval workflows and rules
  • Automated package billing or on-actual consumption based on rules

Control Discounts and Refunds

Uncontrolled discounts and refunds result in revenue loss. HealthCloud lets you control the process for discretionary as well as pre-approved discounts

  • Automated discounting rules for panel companies simplifies the process and reduces errors
  • Approval workflows for discretionary discounts improves control, enhances audit ability and speeds up the process 

Reduce Pilferage and Waste

Medicine and Supplies are a significant cost. HealthCloud reduces waste and pilferage by tracking supplies from procurement to consumption:

  • Tracks quantities of medicines and supplies setup against each procedure and in each ward
  • For retail pharmacy, tracks how much money has been collected against sales and compares it to changes in stock
  • Waste / Pilferage cases are auto-generated and their resolution is recorded
  • HealthCloud reports on waste and pilferage across procedures, departments, wards and concerned staff

Reduce wait times

Reducing patient wait times in clinics and other outpatient services not only improves the patient experience, it also means more patients can be serviced every day. HealthCloud lets you streamline your patient flow and gives you deep visibility into patient wait time.

  • Integrate with queuing systems to streamline flow of patients
  • End to end tracking of each patient visit:
      • Average patient wait time – by type of service, by consultant
      • Average service delivery time by consultant
      • Patient volumes by type of service, by consultant
      • Consultation timeliness: time first patient seen against first slot in roster
  • Predict patient wait times and identify causes of wait times


  • Electronic ordering of labs from Wards, Clinics and over the counter
  • Workflow within lab
  • Standards (LOINC, CPT)
  • Online results
  • External lab integration
  • Electronic Medical Record integration


  • Ordering of Radiology & Diagnostic procedures from Wards, Clinics and over the counter
  • Configurable order Workflow (Order -> Conduct Test -> Result entry -> Approval -> Result available)
  • Configurable templates for reporting
  • Imaging Integration with PACS
  • Results integrated with patient’s Electronic Health Record